State of the Hi-Fi (and new additions!)

New additions!

I went to VCF Southwest in Dallas this weekend, and one of the folks selling stuff at their booth had two MiniDisc units! I got the combo, plus a bunch of MiniDiscs themselves, for $150 – I’m pretty happy with that deal.

Sony MZ-R37 portable MiniDisc player/recorder

Sony MDS-JE500 component MiniDisc player/recorder

A Sony MDS-JE500 component MiniDisc player sitting at the top of my Hi-Fi stack, with a CD jewel case, MiniDisc, and remote sitting on top

The rest of the system

Of course, since I’m making this post a “state of the hi-fi” I should show the other components in my system.

Sony STR-DH190 stereo receiver

This is a perfectly adequate receiver and amp. There’s nothing really special about it, but it can drive my speakers just about as loud as I want it to and has exactly the number of inputs I need. Maybe I’ll end up with a better receiver or amp in the future.

JVC TD-W501 stereo double cassette deck

This thing is a bit of a piece of junk. The right deck (the playback one) has a non-functional left channel, and both channels sound kinda muffled. Sadly it still works better than my other deck, so until I either repair the other deck or find yet another I’m stuck with this one.

Sony CDP-CX153 compact disc player with 100-disc changer

I love this thing. It is incredibly overkill, especially since my CD listening consists of finding a disc in its jewel case from my collection and putting it in to play, but the spinny mechanism is so neat.

Audio Technica AT-LP60X turntable

Another perfectly adequate component, this turntable functions fine and sounds good. There’s nothing all that special about an AT-LP60X, other than that it’s Good™. I like watching the automatic mechanism though.

Polk Audio T15 speakers

These speakers are gonna get a replacement at some point. They’re fine, but I think I can do a lot better for a few hundred bucks. I’ll be on the lookout in the Austin Audiophiles Facebook group!





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