Pictures from My Time at LTX 2023

I went to LTX 2023, the expo put on by the folks at Linus Media Group, earlier this summer. I’ve been having some health issues lately (nothing serious or contagious, just annoying – don’t worry!) that interfered a bit, but I still had a blast! I brought 2 disposable cameras along with me to take pictures with, since I forget to take them if I don’t have a dedicated camera on me. Here’s a selection of the pictures I took and the stories behind them! They’re not great pictures (and I shoulda used the flash more), but that’s the fun of film! I’m also throwing in a few digital photos, since I only had the disposable camera out on the actual expo days.

The LTX 2023 announcement video

Friday, July 28

Gate A8 at IAH airport, waiting for my plane to show up. Maybe I shoulda waited until the gate agent wasn’t looking…

I started my trip on Friday. I live in Brenham, TX (a small town about halfway between Austin and Houston), so there are a few international airports that are equally far away. My preferred airports are IAH (Bush Intercontinental) and HOU (Hobby) in Houston, though AUS (Austin Bergstrom) is also on the table. For this trip, deciding was easy. Air Canada has direct service between IAH and YVR (Vancouver), so that was the way I had to go.

I showed up to the airport quite early, so I had plenty of time to get some steps in. I ended up visiting Terminal E to grab a hot chocolate and a donut at Dunkin’, but sadly the hot chocolate had a hint of coffee in it. I’m not too fond of coffee, so I ended up just eating the donut.

The flight was uneventful. I have an eating disorder that severely limits the variety of food I eat, but thankfully they were serving a perfectly edible cheese pizza on the flight.

Welcome to Vancouver / Bienvenue à Vancouver

YVR was a great end to the trip. I’ve never seen a more beautiful airport in my life. Sadly I don’t have too many pictures, since I was too busy taking in the beauty. There’s a whole museum exhibit on the walkway from the gate to immigration!

I had a nice conversation with the lady in front of me in that picture. She got a kick out of my reaction to this walkway. She’s from Vancouver, on her way home from a business trip to Texas, so she was already pretty familiar with it.

I had already filled out the immigration questionnaire on my phone, so immigration was dead simple. I scanned my passport and took a selfie at a kiosk, then I was on my way. I hadn’t checked any bags, so I just went on my way through customs with nothing to declare and to the exit. I got an Uber to my hotel in Burnaby (the Hilton in Metrotown), ordered some Papa John’s, and headed to bed.

The view from my hotel room at sunset

Saturday, July 29

When in Rome!

Today’s the first day of LTX! I started my morning getting a couple donuts and a hot chocolate at Tim Horton’s. This was a much better experience than the IAH Dunkin’.

I decided that the SkyTrain was my best option for getting from Burnaby to downtown Vancouver. A couple dollars is a lot better than spending tens on an Uber, and the SkyTrain is actually a rather pleasant rapid transit service. The station was basically just across the street from the Tim’s.

Hopping on the train to the city!

From here on, I’m missing a few pictures. I’m gonna see if I can scan them myself when I get the negatives, but they may have just been way underexposed.

Turns out the convention center is where cruise ships dock
Linecon time… thankfully it moved quickly
I don’t see gas stations in the bay too often in my neck of the woods.
Now I know why Floatplane’s called Floatplane!
Welcome to LTX!

Sunday, July 30

My first time in a motion racing sim. Now I want one.
Ran into Jake on the con floor
Me at Emily’s meet & greet
Closing out the con, the dunk tank






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