half•alive on stage at House of Blues in Houston

half•alive in Houston

This year’s been a busy one for me with regard to concerts! I went alone to see half•alive in Austin in April, then I saw Austin Symphony Orchestra play Brahms X Radiohead by Steve Hackman in June. It turns out that a friend of mine likes going to concerts too, so we decided to attend concerts from then on together. First we saw Young The Giant, then we saw Dream.

I saw that half•alive was doing another show in Texas, this time in Houston. They put on a great show in Austin, so I wanted my friend to experience it.

Choreography was a big part of the show, and they had some pretty fantastic dancers to go along with it! The lighting was fantastic as well, especially with the use of orange lighting on the “Now, Not Yet” songs.

If I remember correctly, the Austin show (and probably the entirety of part 1 of their tour) had a theme of seasons, but they didn’t carry that through to part 2 of the tour.

They did do a cool medley at this show, with a surprise addition of “Clarity” by Zedd – haven’t thought about that song in years!

The opening act was one of the best I’ve seen, with almost more audience participation than the main act!

This was just a stream of thought post, just writing down what I remember from the concert. It probably doesn’t make too much sense, but :shrug:





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